Meet Omar

Omar Najeed

Web Development Intern at Behimba


Hi everyone!


My name is Omar and I’m currently a Web Development Intern here at Behimba. I’m originally from Houston, Texas and moved to Austin, Texas in 2013 to attend the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ’em!). There, I’m currently majoring in Management Information Systems with a certificate in Computer Science and a minor in Accounting.


Outside of my classes, I have an on-campus job where I coordinate a yearly career fair. This past semester I was also a Volunteer Tax Preparer which gave me the chance to file taxes for low income families in order to save them both time and money. Lastly, I’m heavily involved in the Management Information Systems Association where I help coordinate events with IT companies in the United States and teach other students about technology.


At Behimba specifically, I’ve been heavily involved in creating the new website, handling a majority of the transitions we’ve had from Spanish to English, and helping with our online reputation. In addition, I am slowly learning Javascript since my background is more so in Java and Python.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, playing sports, eating, and playing video games. If you’d like, feel free to contact me at Aquesta adreça de correu-e està protegida dels robots de spam.Necessites Javascript habilitat per veure-la.

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