The landing page is a webpage designed to be the first page your customers see when you’re advertising on the internet.

According to a study on user experience on websites, users want sites that are easy to use and understand. This maximizes the odds of generating a lead and turning the user into a customer.


The landing page is a webpage designed to be the first page your customers see when you’re advertising on the internet.

According to a study on user experience on websites, users want sites that are easy to use and understand. This maximizes the odds of generating a lead and turning the user into a customer.


Website design and development are the two most important components of any web-based project. We create all of our websites based on research from web usability studies in order to give customers an enjoyable experience on our sites.

We use the latest web technologies to develop personalized marketing strategies and meet the needs of our customers.


We believe that all companies should inform their customers about their products and brand online.

Corporate websites are directly associated with the company and its employees, so they should accurately communicate the company’s products and services to its customers.

Our goal is to create a good first impression for all of your potential customers.


We develop virtual environments (also known as an intranet or virtual campus) for educational purposes.

We use the latest web development technologies in order to provide a user experience that is responsive and consistent over multiple devices.

By combining different multimedia formats, we try to make learning fun.


Creating an e-commerce platform is a complex process since we have to think about every step from when the customer enters the online store to when they receive their product.

We personalize the e-commerce platform in order to cater to the target audience of the seller.

Developing an online store requires a web analytics process, inventory tracking, and a POS service. In addition to these, we design e-commerce platforms that can be used across multiple devices 24/7.


Websites designed with high quality multimedia content offer a unique visual experience to users.

We offer virtual tours and interactive videos to simulate virtual reality and increase interactivity with users.

Our team is fully qualified to develop an interactive and personalized website for even the most creative endeavors.


A good inbound marketing strategy often includes a social media plan since most customers are on social networks nowadays. We aim to personalize your services towards your customers via social media in an effort to strengthen business-to-consumer relationships.

We define social media strategies to best suit your business, even providing recommendations for which social networks your business should use.


We understand that your site is made for customers and search engines, so we make sure to apply search engine optimization practices into our sites. We also offer to create web blogs that combine high quality writing, graphic design, webinars, banners, and more.

It is essential to schedule for releasing content in order to have a strong inbound marketing strategy.

We design and maintain blogs with search engine optimization principles in mind.


A company’s online reputation is a key factor in inbound marketing because it influences peoples’ opinions of the company.

We take care of both the creating and optimizing of your online reputation for your audience by focusing on positive company reviews. All of our clients’ decisions depend upon their customers, so we at Behimba believe that having a positive online reputation is a fundamental part of an inbound marketing strategy.


Naming your company, products, and services are all important parts of the creative process. A strong name is the first step to effective communication and will make it easier to create a persuasive slogan, and an digital image that can be adapted to your audience.

We specialize in creating names that will communicate all aspects of your company, both inside and out, in a concise manner.


Designing a logo is a creative process that is fully personalized for the client. We don’t settle for an ordinary logo but instead like to find or create one that encompasses what our clients want to create.

Our team of graphic designers, creativity, and communication work together to create the perfect logo to match your company ideals.


A corporate identity and image are necessary to display confidence to both clients and stakeholders.

We define guidelines to create sustainable corporate images. The visual element of the corporate image if one of the most important, so we place a huge emphasis on it.


A catalog of products and services is a useful tool designed according to the company image and allows our clients to show their customers what they offer

We design both printed catalogs and digital catalogs that can be integrated into a cloud server or website.


A website’s design doesn’t only depend on its design. Its usability, web experience, and the user’s own behaviors online are important aspects of the website’s designs.

For this reason it’s essential to talk to digital marketing and web analytics experts in order to create the most effective website for your business.

We study your target audience to provide them a user-friendly website and an experience that works best for each audience.


Keyword searches are a fundamental aspect of any digital marketing strategy.

Any Search Engine Optimization Strategy or Pay Per Click Strategy that we design is based on a complex keyword search that will give us important insight into the strategies of our competition and the behaviors of our clients.

Our inbound marketing strategies and content strategies are based on complex keyword searches.


We offer services to optimize websites using onpage SEO that is based on web development with clean source code, clear content, quality links, and search engine optimization.

We ensure that your site will load quickly and provide a better online experience in a relatively short development timeframe.


The impact of social media sites is a decisive factor in digital marketing strategies. Thanks to the tools that we use and the ones offered by Google and other social platforms, we can assess whether we are meeting are campaign objectives and work towards continuous improvements.


Benchmarking is the process of analyzing the best practices in the industry and among competitors using different metrics.

We offer a Benchmarking service to optimize the strategies and fully assess the digital image of our clients, from their website to their digital marketing campaigns.

The benchmarking service that we offer includes an analysis using web technologies.

The main advantage our benchmarking service offers is the ability to innovate at a low cost while using the strategies of your competitors.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of improving a site so that search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook have it as one of the first listings whenever a search is performed.

SEO allows someone interested in your company or product searches to easily find you. It is a natural way to get traffic unlike methods that require payment, so it is an important advantage for any online campaign.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing or marketing using a search engine. In online marketing, it’s important to have a marketing campaign that combines SEM and SEO because it maximizes the number of leads and gives us an accurate picture of our marketing efforts.

We offer a completely personalized service for each search engine, with strategies that use the best SEM tools available.

SEM strategies are either medium or long term investments to maximize the number of customers our clients get.


Display advertising refers to ads that appear on websites. We use different types of ads and banners to grab the attention of visitors on our sites. We optimize the messages on these banners and on the landing page by using A/B Statistical Testing.

Web advertising is effective in targeting our intended audiences because we can cater certain ads to certain demographics.

To display your online ads, we have an extensive list of websites that will fit your niche market and increase traffic to your site.