Web Analytics

Hey Everyone,

After introducing our main services a couple weeks ago, I thought I would take the opportunity to explain our web analytics methodology. That said…


Web Analytics

We’ve all heard the terms SEO, SEM, Landing Pages, etc…. However, all of these marketing strategies are useless unless there is a concrete way to measure their impact. To ameliorate this, Behimba has an iterative process to attract customers, measure performance, and make changes if needed. We first define a few key performance indicators such as number of page visits, unique users, and visits through different social media sites. Then, we create a recommendation for our clients and, if agreed upon, implement it as soon as possible. Afterwards, we wait and measure to see if there is a significant difference in any or all of the defined metrics. From there, we either change the recommendation if we believe the current changes did not improve site performance or move to another aspect of the site to improve if the changes were satisfactory.


The best way to think about our process is a cycle which starts with a recommendation, leads into a change, and ends with performance tracking before the cycle repeats itself. Hopefully that allows you to see that at Behimba, we have a methodical process that only ends when a significant improvement is made. 

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