Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most commonly asked questions

What is Behimba?
Behimba is a web development and marketing company that creates complete technological solutions to business problems. We have experience with web development, graphic design, web analytics, digital marketing, mobile development, search engine optimization, and a variety of other technology based projects.
Where are you located?
Our workspace is located at C/Pere IV, 214 Barcelona but we often work remotely with our clients and speak to them via Skype or Google Hangouts.
How much does a typical project cost?
Every project is different so we cannot give any sort of estimate without first knowing the type and scope of the project. However, to accommodate for this we offer a free consultation and quote for everyone. Feel free to reach out if you would like to take advantage of this offer.
How long does the typical project take to complete?
We can finish basic projects in just a few days while more complex ones might take a few weeks. However, the timeline often depends on how regularly the client can give us feedback or information for the project. We can make a good estimate of the timeline often after meeting and learning what the project itself is.
Can Behimba help me create a (insert technical product)?
Absolutely! We have handled very specific requests before such as making ecommerce platforms, creating virtual courses, and 3D models, so we are sure that no request would be too much to handle.
I want my product to work in multiple languages. Can Behimba help?
Definitely. Our team knows Spanish, Catalan, and English so we would be able to create a site for any of those languages. Otherwise, we might need a little more help from the client with the exact wording on the site/app/platform. Either way, we are more than willing to work with multiple languages.
How can I be sure that Behimba's services are benefitting me?
We use a variety of metrics and create a report to send to our clients after we have finished our work, so it will be very easy to tell whether the changes we have made have helped your business - even if you had a working product before.
Can I see some of Behimba's previous work?
Of course. Click here for an overview of our past clients or click here to see our portfolio of projects from the first half of 2015.